(Unwrapping) The Fourth Vernacular

Interactive Installation

Location : Chicago, IL, USA

Studio : Fluid Interfaces by Hennie Reynders Ph.D & Andrea Reynders

Date : May 2017

Materials Used : Wood, Bubble Wrap, Resin

Keywords : Material exploration, Call to action, Instigating, Perception

Architecture has for long been obsessed with the grandeur of form and space, now that rigor must be applied towards pushing the materials and their application to the limit and squeeze its potential. It is time to find a new vernacular after form, space & atmosphere!

Unwrapping the Fourth Vernacular is an interactive installation that attempts to challenge preconceived notions about materials, while also speculating on the pros of adding another layer of rigor to the materials to exponentiate their function.

Project Description

The installation consists of a poster, pedestal, bubble wrap, and a resin cast of bubble wrap (The Fourth Vernacular) balanced on a scale.


All these elements together are intended to be a call to action for designers and architects to rigorously explore materials (and to an extent form) as high performing territories.


Two seemingly identical sets of bubble wrap are balanced on a scale yet the scale tilts towards one of them. This is intended to spark a question as to why this is so and encourage the viewer to interact with the two sets of bubble wrap at which point there is a realization that one of the piles is not bubble wrap, but a resin cast of it.


Upon first glance it is easy to dismiss the tipping of the scale towards the seemingly thicker of the two piles of bubble wrap where as in reality, the scale is tipped due to additional operations done on the bubble wrap which in turn allowed the bubble wrap to transcend its initial state, allowing to function as something more that it was intended to.