Addition. Multiplication. Exponentiation.

Position Paper

Location : Chicago, IL, USA

Studio : Fluid Interfaces by Hennie Reynders Ph.D & Andrea Reynders

Date : May 2017

Keywords : Material explorations, Amplifying, Resources, Responsible design, Rigor

My argument is for a more rigorous architecture that is aware of the potential of materials used and employs them in a way that optimizes their performance. Architecture has for long been obsessed with the grandeur of form and space, now that rigor must be applied towards pushing the materials and their application to the limit and squeeze its potential.

Why Exponentiate?

In an age that has witnessed the collapse of economies and ecologies at various points, we as architects/designers/humans do not have the luxury to be oblivious to the larger context. That would lead to potentially catastrophic damage from which we as a species would probably never recover. We need to be very economical with resources and take every opportunity we come across to make our designs more responsible.

How Exponentiate?

For architecture to really be responsible, there must be a sincere attempt to explore all possibilities of materials and form in a careful, methodical manner. By saying no to the convention and exploring the potential of materials, form with relationship to their environments we can begin to come up with simple, thoughtful and effective solutions that do more with the materials than before.