Declarations of Contemporary

Branding + Marketing collateral

Location : Hairpin Arts Center, Chicago, IL, USA

Office : seem:less

Date : Spring 2017

Keywords : Logo, Exhibition poster, Social media banners, Exhibition labels

As the exhibition calls for viewers to challenge the notion of contemporary as a solid state, the branding itself was inspired by the layout of 'The Declaration of Independence' and combining that with modern fonts and motifs such as browser window or pixels in pop art colors.

The exhibition is a tool for developing different expressions of contemporary, ultimately pushing people to seek their own definition. By bringing together eleven artists with individual interests, we challenge the notion that being contemporary is a solid state. Instead, we propose that being contemporary is an ever evolving, emergent process.

Exhibition Poster

Exhibition Poster

Iteration 1

Iteration 2

Exhibition Booklet

Seetharam Vallabhaneni





Lantern Faces