Interstitial Clouds

Events, Exhibition space & Offices

Location : Chicago - Quincy Court, Chicago, IL, USA

Studio : Undergrad Architecture Studio 2 "Ideas and Spaces" by Hennie Reynders & Jaak Jurison

Date : Fall 2014

Built Area : 6000 Sq. Ft.

Materials Used : Glass, Concrete, Polycarbonate.

Keywords : Flexible, Pedestrian Engagement, Retail, Culture

Interstitial Clouds is a space for social interaction, reflection, sharing and critical discussion

on the meaning of Chicago’s past and the making of the future.

The project re-imagines a traditional office space for the Chicago Architecture Foundation into clouds of vibrant spaces that facilitate a wide range of programs and spark an active partnership between the city of Chicago, its residents and CAF.

Floor Plan

Street Level

Second Level

Third Level

Perspective Views