Mapping the Walkative

Site Research

Location : W Cermak Road, Cermak - McComick Corridor, Chicago, USA

Studio : Undergrad studio 4 'City Amplified' by Paola Aguirre w/Mauricio Casian

Date : Spring 2017

Site Area : 1 mile (approx.)

Materials Used : Wood, Plastic Filament, Paper

Keywords : Walkability, Pedestrian activity, Programmatic density, Data representation

Mapping the Walkative was our exercise in understanding the makings of a walk-worthy public space. By analyzing programmatic densities and overlaying them with observations of pedestrian activity we hoped to better understand what people are looking for.

Through this activity we collected data of pedestrian activity, available programs and their visibility along a 2 mile stretch of West Cermak Road. It was an effort to study the intersection of these two data sets and use this knowledge to facilitate the unfolding human life within 'Giga Village'.

Project Description

The data included in the research was - pedestrian activity over the day, collected at fixed intervals over multiple days; density of users at both CTA stations; various stagnation points within the area; and the available programs as seen through billboards/other advertising mediums.


Pedestrian activity has been represented as streaks of color with the intensity depicting stagnation and thickness depicting number. Data was collected over 3 intervals - Morning(Green), Afternoon(Yellow) and Late Night(Purple). The same data has been simplified in a physical model to denote origin and destination points along with frequent paths taken.


The Programmatic density has been represented in text, with the font size depicting visibility from the street.

Final Critique Presentation

Research in layers

Textual Map

Programmatic study

In progress model showing pedestrian movement around the area, along with activity around transit stops.

Sample tally of pedestrian data. Repeated over a span of multiple days at frequent intervals.

Pedestrian Activity



Why are ethnic studies always represented as color blocks?

We used overlapping colors to observe mutual coexistence of various cultures within each neighborhood.



City scale analysis

Site Model

Pedestrian Traces

Undergrad studio 4 'City Amplified' by Paola Aguirre

Pedestrian activity, Programmatic density, Data representation