Temporal Interventions

Temporary Pavilion

Location : Fangataufa , Tuamotus

Studio : Undergrad Architecture Studio 2 "Ideas and Spaces" by Hennie Reynders & Jaak Jurison

Date : Fall 2014

Built Area : 1200 Sq. Ft.

Materials Used : Compressed Paper, Minerals

Keywords : Floating pavilions, Interventions, Eco-friendly

Temporal Interventions is a floating memorial consisting of 5 individual pavilions that together question the interactions between : man, his nature, and the NATURE.

The project aims to employ architectural interventions and establish a series of connected spaces that mark the site where the world's attention was first focused on the effects of nuclear experimentation.

Project Description

Temporal Interventions is a symmetric constellation of individual spaces, each with a specific function, carefully designed to curate a very specific experience for the user. It consists of a Dock, two Threshold spaces, two Reflection spaces and a Tower. Its intent is to highlight the resilience of nature.


Man’s interventions destroyed the site’s capacity to support life, however after a long troubled journey the space is slowly recovering and is showing signs of new life. I wanted my memorial to take the story of the site - of man destroying the nature and turn it on its head - of man (in this case man made structures) supporting and valuing nature’s importance.


The forms are all made out of paper and additional nutrients and coated with a biodegradable hydrophobic protective layer that slowly degenerates. The memorial is intended to decompose over time and in the process support the ecosystem as paper and nutrients mix into the water.


Perspective Views

In Progress


Transitional Spaces

Perspective Views

Reflection Space 1


Reflection Space 2