Two Towers

Chicago Architecture Biennial 2017

Location : Yates Hall, Cultural Center, Chicago, IL, USA

Office : Productora / CAB

Date : Spring 2017

Dimensions : 16ft Tall

Materials Used : MDF, Bic ballpoint pens

Keywords : Skyscraper, Architectural model, Tribune tower competition, Contextual

Is this large architectural model a scaled version of a possible skyscraper, or rather an up-scaled drawing, an enlarged sketch?

Two Towers is Productora's proposal for the Vertical City exhibit of the Chicago Architecture Biennial. It is intentionally ambiguous to sparked a discussion on the autonomy of architectural drawings and models and about the way architectural ideas are developed simultaneously in different scales and techniques.

Project Description

This project is made up of two similar volumes with different materiality stacked on top of each other to obscure the perceived height of the building. This compositional strategy is based on PRODUCTORA's other competition proposals where these volumes create a totemic urban composition with large terraces of half the volume.


The bic pen drawings by Carlos Bedoya, one of the founder of PRODUCTORA became an important reference to the representational strategy employed for the Biennial entry.


By rendering the huge MDF model in blue & red bic, the project begins to play with the ambiguity of the commission. Are these columns conceived as scale models of previous tower proposal? Are they a sculptural prism in dialogue with fifteen other participants at the Yates Hall? Are they a miniature version of a tower or an enlarged sketch?


Project Team : Wonne Ickx, Carlos Bedoya, Victor Jaime & Abel Perles


Collaborators : Juan Benavides, Paola Aguirre, and 55 other volunteers.

Concept Sketch

By Carlos Bedoya

Test Model



BIC pen hatching

Final Model

Installed at Yates Hall in the Chicago Cultural Center

Photos by Laurian Ghinitoiu


Photos by Laurian Ghinitoiu